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Spotzone is the app featuring a brand new interactive experience, designed for the young generation.
You can find and experience advanced realistic 3D content, make your familiar virtual avatars into games, videos, podcast or live house…

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Build By Creatros. Create unique cross-platforms games and gamify experience.

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Spotzone Studio

Build By Creatros. Create unique cross-platforms games and gamify experience.

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Share your 3D model; Discover fantacy

Spotzone features 3D content library supporting different format resources, including 3D avatars, space, games, props, special effects, and animation.
With a community for creators who can publish their models, we are inviting creators and studios from all over the world to join our family. Bringing creators’ 3D models alive in every creation.

Metaverse in Mobile

Communities-based Virtual World makes every post and video interactive.
Watch what others do in the Metaverse and jump into the virtual world. Bringing real-world experience into Metaverse.

Bring Virtual Into Life

Create what you dream up with our 3D engine designed for anyone to make anything.
All you have to do is find a 3D avatar in our library. Drag and drop into the augmented reality camera.

Inspire Creativity
and Share Joy

Spotezone community inspire and encourage the new generation users to discover and create metaverse happiness. 

One More Dimension

We work on the most compelling challenges in computer vision, block-chain, 3D engine, and interactive reality technology. Connecting people to build a metaverse with massively shared 3D information.
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